What does PAIONeering mean to us?

The term "PAIONeer(ing)" is neither a coincidence nor a spelling mistake, but an intentional play on words. Look up the word "Pioneer" in a dictionary you would find exactly what we are looking for in our team members.


PAIONeering means to us engineering the medical future, forging new paths and setting benchmarks. We have short lines of communication which make it easy to take decisions and respond quickly. A true PAIONeer is not a lone warrior, but rather a committed team player who knows that the only way to achieve our ambitious goals is to do it together. We expect flexibility and a hands-on working style from our employees. There is no room for coveting status at PAION - our work is about responsibility, achievement and room for growth.


A true PAIONeer shows


  • Courage and Endurance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Self-motivation and Enthusiasm
  • Professionalism and Goal-orientation
  • Assertiveness and Empathy