ICU Sedation

Based on available information from 2012 published in Critical Care Medicine which estimates average days of care in ICUs per year in the U.S., and journal articles published in the Intensive Care Medicine in 2012, which records, among others, the volume of ICU admissions per year and the number of total adult beds in various countries in the EU, PAION estimates that there are approximately 14 million ICU patient days requiring ICU sedation in the U.S. and EU combined per year. PAION expects this number to increase in the years to come, driven by demand from the aging population in both regions. PAION believes that such development, in turn, will foster demand for safer agents such as remimazolam, given the fact that elderly patients are much more likely to suffer from systemic health problems.


PAION is currently evaluating the risk-benefit ratio of developing remimazolam for ICU sedation.